It's Home & Patio Show Time Again!

There’s only a little more than a week until the Fall Home & Patio Show, and we are excited! As in the past, we are teaming up with Trad’s Garden Center, but this time we’re doing something a little different. Although we’ve loved all of our Home & Patio Show designs so far they’ve all been lush, natural looking gardens jam packed with plants. This time we’re going the opposite direction…clean lines, showcase pottery, less plants! We can’t wait to get it all set up and see how it looks. It will be a long few days with lots of standing, but it’s always a good time!

Spring Has Sprung

The weather has been warmer than usual, and that means people are spending more time outside. Therefore, thoughts quickly turn to the potential a backyard holds, and what the homeowner wishes it looked like. That is why it’s not even March (Happy Leap Day!) and we are already busy with lots of great clients! We are thrilled to have signed 4 new clients within the last week or so! We love being able to interact with so many different personalities. Whether a client wants a Secluded Mediterranean Pool Courtyard, or a Quaint English Garden, we do our best think outside the box and incorporate unique features into each design. We are very lucky to be able to work with such wonderful homeowners and help create spaces they love to spend time in.

Next week is the 2012 Spring Home & Patio Show, and I’m sure we will meet many more awesome individuals there. If we’re already this busy now, I can’t imagine what our schedule will look like after the Home & Patio Show is over! We love a good challenge and can’t wait to see what the coming months hold.