Fall: Perfect Time to Plant Your Florida Landscape

It’s no secret that many of Florida’s residents are originally from a state north of here. This is most likely why so many people have an aversion to installing their landscape design in fall and winter. Having grown up in Wisconsin, I can attest to the fact that planting something before a long winter of freezing temperatures is a sure way to kill your investment! The truth is, the perfect time for most planting in Jacksonville is now! We have a unique climate here in Northeast Florida in that it is hot and humid enough in summer for tropical plants, but cold enough in winter to damage and potentially kill the more sensitive tropical plants. With the exception of these tropicals, cooler temperatures are ideal for planting because it allows the newly planted landscape to establish a healthy root system before the stress of summer’s heat rolls around.

Don’t get me wrong, you can install your landscape any time of year here in Jacksonville. If you want more tropical plants in your yard it is best to wait until spring when there is no chance of a freeze. If you plant everything in the middle of summer, all it means is you will have to be more diligent with watering. The best thing you can do, whether you are adding a few plants to your garden by yourself or having a landscape contractor do it for you, is ask how often you need to water those plants to get them established. We have a lot of great landscape resources on the First Coast so don’t hesitate to use them! Happy Gardening!

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