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OurĀ Approach

A common misconception is that an outdoor space is “too small” for a pool. These clients thought the same thing, but after a brief discussion they were convinced they could in fact have the pool of their dreams!

Despite the spatial constraints, property setbacks, and strict lot coverage requirements at the beach, we were able to create a space that checked all the boxes on these homeowners’ wish list. The “spool” is large enough to cool off in the heat of the summer, but small enough that it can be efficiently heated to double as a spa when the temperature drops. There is enough patio space to entertain family and friends, while leaving enough green space for children and dogs to play. An accent wall along the back side of the pool serves as additional seating for larger gatherings and also makes for a nice backdrop to the contemporary space. The family is happy they put their faith in our ability to thoughtfully plan every inch of the space, and we are glad they did too!

Project Details

Build Type: Contemporary
Materials: Peacock Pavers in ‘Rice White,’ Stucco Accent Wall, Hydrazzo Classico ‘Oceana’ Interior Pool Finish