Trad's Garden Center Event Space

Quite some time ago, we approached Chris Trad of Trad’s Garden Center about some empty space on his property. We asked him “What if we designed an event space, and got it built for you using the highest quality craftsmen in all of NE Florida?” Chris replied “Sounds great; it’ll never happen!” Fast forward to today…there is a wonderful 50’x70′ paved event space that is already being put to good use! Tropical Pavers of Jacksonville installed the flooring and retaining walls, using products from Tremron and Tile Market of San Jose. The current project underway is the outdoor kitchen. It is so exciting watching it come to life! The foundation was poured by Concrete Slabs and More, and will soon we wrapped in beautiful stacked stone. It features appliances from Sawyer Gas, and a stunning sound system from Live Wire. The Master Carpenter is using his incredible skill to complete the woodwork that will support the gorgeous countertops Living Stone Creations is installing soon. It has been so much fun working with all these talented companies to create a space for everyone to enjoy. We can’t wait to finish up the outdoor kitchen and host a big barbeque! If you haven’t been to Trad’s in a while, you really should stop in and check the garden center out. Just make sure to bring your umbrella if you visit within the next few days!

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