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Transform Your Outdoor Living Space with Our Luxurious Landscape Design Services​

Cascade Outdoor Design specializes in gorgeous, cross-functional outdoor spaces that dazzle, delight, and comfort for years to come. We are a versatile landscape design firm serving Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding area since 2010, and our experience has taught us the value of personalized customer service no matter the size of the project. Your outdoor space should serve as an extension of the rest of your home, and it should personify you as a person. We can help with bringing both goals to life. We understand the local climate, architectural styles, and flora in every outdoor space, giving us the tools needed to do the job.

Elevate Your Property with a Landscape Designer

At Cascade Outdoor Design, our experienced landscape designer knows how to use well-established landscape design elements as a foundation for creative, inspiring gardens and backyards. Nowhere is harmony more important in a home than in the backyard, where you must deftly balance humanmade elements and nature. We know how to use the following elements of landscape design project:

  • Balance and Proportion: We use arrangements of native plants and structures to achieve a perfect balance of size and scope, resulting in beautiful spaces.
  • Color and Texture: We can combine vivid colors and unique shapes with foundational shrubs to achieve perfect harmony.
  • Line and Form: Well-designed outdoor spaces tell a story through line and form and with walkways, stone flower beds, and uniquely shaped flowers, shrubs, plants, and trees.
  • Unity and Variety: Ensuring your space is cohesive and incorporates an impressive range of elements is the final piece of the puzzle.
Landscaping Designs and Services in Jacksonville, FL

We Take Your Landscape Design Ideas and Turn Them into Reality

Over the years, we have honed our process into a “T,” enabling us to provide gorgeous landscapes quickly. When you work with our team, you can expect our team to take your landscape design ideas and transform them into a fully realized vision. We ask the right questions and listen to your answers carefully, allowing us to create a landscape design plan that meets your vision. You can send a Pinterest board full of ideas or come to us with a blank slate. Our process makes it easy to transform any vision into a reality.

  • Assess: After the consultation, we perform a site visit. This step is crucial because it allows us to see what is possible and what isn’t based on the size of your property, the layout, and other factors. We’ll take measurements, discuss grading and drainage issues, and communicate the next steps.
  • Design: Now the fun part starts! We are a collaborative firm and work tirelessly to incorporate your vision into our detailed plans. Stay in touch with us as much as you want. We’ll present a package including the design, a layout plan, images of plants, and more.
  • Documentation and Implementation: We know you might not be a visual person, so we provide our design in a digital format. Then, we obtain contractor proposals, finalize material selections, schedule deliveries, and manage workflow.

Sustainable Backyard Landscape Design for Your Home

Our team wants to make your property look as gorgeous as possible. But we want to do so in a responsible manner. Sustainable backyard landscape design creates outdoor spaces harmoniously with Jacksonville’s climate and ecology. We use techniques to minimize environmental impact, such as selecting native plant species, implementing rainwater harvesting, and utilizing organic fertilizers and pesticides that do not harm the ecosystem. Our designs benefit the Earth and create more resilient and lower-maintenance gardens, saving you time and resources in the long term.

We Provide Backyard and Front Yard Designs

Florida is a beautiful state. We know how to harness our tropical climate to create varied backyard and front yard designs that exist harmoniously with the natural surroundings. We have experience with a wide range of landscape design styles, including:

  • Tropical Oasis: This style incorporates exotic plants that thrive in a warm climate, creating a beachfront-like environment.
  • Native Florida: Focused on conservation and natural beauty, this style utilizes indigenous plants and materials and provides a haven for native wildlife.
  • Modern Minimalist: This style features clean lines, structural plants, and a monochromatic color palette.
  • Mediterranean Retreat: Mediterranean-style yards feature drought-resistant plants and terracotta pots to capture the essence of coastal living.
  • Edible Garden: Edible landscapes integrate fruit trees, vegetable patches, and herb gardens into the design, making the yard both productive and aesthetically pleasing.

A World of Possibilities Awaits: Trust Our Expert Landscape Designers

Our landscape designers are bursting with creativity and knowledge of native plants, flowers, and shrubs. Our team works seamlessly, enabling us to execute a process that guarantees optimal results. We are skilled at listening to your ideas and integrating them into our plans for a more collaborative approach than you’re likely to find in many other places. At Cascade Outdoor Design, we pride ourselves on customer service and results, so contact us today to schedule your consultation.

What Our Customers are Saying

"I worked with Cascade to design my backyard since a specific site plan was needed to be submitted to the city for approval. I was completely surprised by how well they listened to what I wanted and put it onto paper. It was simply beautiful and exactly what I was envisioning. Next will be for my contractor to implement, but I know they will be there to answer any questions or provide any directions. Thank you for a wonderful experience...I have already recommended you to many people."


"We liked Mike from the very first meeting! They were comfortable to talk with and fun! From there our experience only got better with their amazing design for our backyard that included everything we asked for and even some things we didn’t know we wanted. The project —like all—had some glitches but they were taken care of by the Cascade team. They added Erika Miller just as our project was getting underway and she was great as well! I was actually sad to see them go once the project was complete!"


"Mike took our few comments about what we liked in our backyard and the functionality we were looking for and came up with a plan that we both absolutely loved! They handled all of the contractor issues that came up and oversaw every little detail until we were happy with the end result. We couldn’t be happier with their work and highly recommended them to anyone searching for backyard services! Thank you Mike!"


"Cascade did an excellent job with our brick paved walkway. Their staff were professional and diligent and paid great attention to detail to make sure everything was done right the first time. I would highly recommend this company!"


"Mike from Cascade Outdoor Design were very helpful in assisting us getting our ideas for our outdoor renovations from ideas to an actual plan/document. This included renditions of our property with what the changes would look like. Detailed lists of items needed for each area with estimated costs so we could prioritize what we will implement first."


"Mike at Cascade Design was great to work with! Our design meetings were so fun and stress-free. We could not love our patio and pool more. We had a very small space to work with, but we ended up with a fabulous spool and patio. Mike was extremely professional and patient with all of our questions and venting during the construction phase. I would absolutely work with Cascade Design again."


"Cascade did an excellent job extending the design concept created by our architects to the outdoor space. From the materials used to capturing a modern yet inviting feeling. Our design is very usable for us and our dog. We also entertain a lot, and the space provided from planters, turf and hardscape provided for easy enjoyment for up to 200 people. Along with an outstanding design, they also made sure it was implemented as conceived, so the finished product looked as we expected and was completed within the budget we specified. ."


"Working with Cascade Design Group has been a pleasure. They are knowledgeable, professional, creative and fun! Our landscape design perfectly accented our modern home's design. It is not only beautiful but functional for our active family with 2 boys & multiple pets. We would definitely work with Mike again and highly recommend them."

Anne Marie

"There is no other Outdoor Design company in NE Florida that comes even close to Cascade's level of ability or professionalism. As swimming pool contractors we've worked with and alongside many companies to help clients achieve their dreams. Mike's attention to detail, fun personality, clean sites, superior crews, excellent communication and innovative designs that really challenge us to think outside the box make them our preferred Outdoor Designer. We look forward to every opportunity in working with them. "

Sunrise Pools

"Mike is not only creative & professional, they care about their community and generously give back. We highly recommend Cascade Outdoor Design for your next project!!"


"We hired Cascade design to completely renovate our backyard/pool. The project included everything from them designer an amazing space but handling every detail from beginning to end. We even left the country for several weeks and never worried that things would handled. Our space required complete demolition of existing patio surface, all new drainage from backyard as this was a huge problem, major new bricked garden beds and gorgeous fireplace, pool resurfacing and tiling, landscaping and summer kitchen. In addition , they designed a brick extension storage space for yard tools etc, and coordinated redoing of driveway. We also added beautiful lighting. I give them a 12 out of 10!!!!!!"


"We very much enjoyed our time working together with Cascade and our client on a modern residence that is almost finished in Atlantic Beach. We knew that they had a firm grasp and knowledge of modern landscape design, but their ability to understand what we wanted the landscape to be for the home and the speed to which they were able to put together the concept and design was outstanding. Michael instantly became an integral part of the team and we're certainly looking forward to working with him again soon."

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Cascade is a landscape design and project management firm serving Northeast Florida since 2010. With our expertise and passion for creating breathtaking outdoor spaces, we have established ourselves as the go-to destination for upscale landscape design. At Cascade, we understand that your outdoor space is an extension of your lifestyle and personality.

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