Our Jacksonville, FL Landscape Design Process

Understanding the landscape design process for your Jacksonville, FL home is crucial when it comes to shaping the outdoor spaces of your dream home or property. Cascade shapes the final project, beginning with an on-site visit and ending with documentation, and often times implementation. Whether you seek dramatic transformation or something subtler, you can trust our team members to use your vision as a springboard, resulting in one of the region’s most seamless, enjoyable experiences. Don’t hold off a moment longer; place your trust in landscapers with creative insight.

Every successful landscape architecture design process begins with an in-person discovery meeting. We do this on-site, enabling us to put our eyes on the space. We understand that inspirational photos and can only go so far, so this step is crucial to designing a high-end, luxury landscape. At Cascade, we walk your property while asking crucial questions to learn more about your preferences. One of the additional benefits of the in-person discovery process is we can identify any challenges or limitations based on county, city, or community guidelines. Knowing you are busy, we aim to be efficient in how we approach this stage in the process and can often get everything we need in one hour, allowing you to go about your day.

Once we complete the discovery phase, our team begins collaborating to refine and define your landscape design process. We use the findings from the site visit and come together as a team, proposing creative ideas one by one. Collaboration extends to you, too, as our project manager, Jeremy Lucarelli will follow up with you regarding the landscape design process and schedule any additional site visits that we might need. The rest of the collaboration process is as follows:

  1. We do an internal review and provide loose sketches designed to hone in on an overall direction. These sketches often include inspirational images as well to give you an overall feel of the aesthetic and vibe we’re envisioning.
  2. Once you approve a design direction, we work on producing 10 to 15 life-like photo renderings, giving you a full picture of your future landscaping.
  3. As we settle on a relatively final direction, our team works closely with preferred partner, and collaborates with them to ensure our designs are feasible and can be constructed in a way that doesn’t stray from the overall design concept.

After we have solidified your landscape design, we will create layouts for contractors to use during the construction process. We submit separate plans for landscaping and hardscaping. The plans include hyper-specific dimensions and would include detailed renderings for key elements, such as an outdoor kitchen. This part of the landscape design process ensures a seamless experience for you and allows our team to meticulously translate your vision into reality.

Finally, we’re ready to bring to make your outdoor oasis a reality. If you want, you can use one of our trusted contractors during this phase that we know with confidence will bring your vision to life. Our preferred contractors ensure consistency and high-quality work, and we have excellent relationships with our partners. We can serve as an advisor, answer any questions, and act as an intermediary. We are committed to honesty and fairness and will never mark up what our contractors do. More importantly, we are transparent while reviewing billing during the implementation process for accuracy and compliance to ensure fairness for all parties involved.

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We have steadily made a name for ourselves in the Jacksonville, FL area since 2010. Our landscape design firm combines expertise and passion, resulting in breathtaking gardens, serene backyards, impressive front lawns, and other projects. We are the go-to experts for upscale landscape design, and our landscape design process has ensured customer satisfaction for over a decade. Contact us today to improve your home, landscape, and lifestyle.