Swimming Pool & Spa Design in Jacksonville, FL

Cascade Outdoor Design provides innovative swimming pool and spa designs to Jacksonville, FL, homeowners looking to make a splash. We have years of experience and an adventurous spirit, enabling us to create awe-inspiring pools and spas that provide comfort, entertainment, and a peaceful environment. We specialize in high-quality custom pool designs made from top-tier materials. But more importantly, we understand how important collaboration is to the process, so we consider your input, delivering a personalized experience emphasizing your comfort. Let our team turn your backyard into your own personal paradise today.

Design Your Pool and Spa How You Want

At Cascade, we believe swimming pools and spas should be functional and beautiful. When you talk with us for your consultation, we’ll get a firm sense of why you want a pool and how you plan to use it on a regular basis; that way, the end design best fits your lifestyle. There are options perfect for those who swim for exercise and others tailor-made for homeowners who want to relax with a glass of wine or their favorite cocktail. We work with our preferred partners to bring a variety of pool types to life for our clients, including but not limited to: 

  • Infinity Pools: Infinity pools give the impression that the edge of the water is merging with the surrounding landscape or adjacent waterway. They’re perfect for homeowners whose property sits near the ocean or, along the river or a lush landscape.
  • Lap Pools: Swimming is one of the best exercise methods – especially for those with bad joints or injuries. If you want a pool for improving your health, we’d recommend a lap pool or a pool with a swim jet. Our team can work with you to add other fun accents to ensure your pool is just as useful for a relaxing day as it is for your daily exercise.
  • Saltwater Pools: Saltwater pools ditch chlorine and other chemicals and use saltwater to produce clean and sanitized water. Salt’s natural cleansing effect will save on chlorine costs, and the saltwater will provide a unique environment with many long-term health benefits.
  • Luxury Pools and Spas: Why settle for an ordinary pool? Luxury pools and spas incorporate fire pits, rockwork, deck jets, waterfalls, LED lighting, and numerous additional possibilities. The result is a fun-filled pool. With Cascade, the sky truly is the limit.

Factors to Consider During the Custom Pool Design Process

When you start the design process, you need to consider numerous practical purposes. For instance, you should know how much space you have in your backyard. In addition to square footage, the shape of your property can impact what kind of pool we design. Zoning laws also play a role. If you aren’t sure what the zoning laws in your area might be, we can help determine that. Our goal when all is said and done is that your pool feels like an extension of your overall backyard and home design and not an afterthought.

What to Expect From the Custom-Designed Swimming Pool Process

 We know how excited you are to get the ball rolling on your new backyard oasis. The custom-designed swimming pool process emphasizes your input and comfort in equal measure, resulting in an optimal experience for you and your family. 

We also know how to adhere to code specifications and various state and local regulations, allowing us to avoid pitfalls throughout the design process. Our process is as follows:

  • Discovery: We start with a one-hour on-site consultation, where we get a feel for your vision, needs, and potential property-specific roadblocks. We take measurements and photos and gain inspiration while we are there.
  • Collaboration: After the visit, our lead designer meets with our design team to begin the design process. Every project begins with inspiration drawings, and we build on them through our patented brand of collaboration. Once finished, we present the designs to you. 
  • Documentation: You can always provide feedback on our designs and ask for changes. Once we adjust the plans, we can finalize the documents in a printable digital format and share them with you for your personal records.
  • Implementation: We want to make the custom pool process as easy as possible for you, so we handle everything. Our team obtains contractor proposals, finalizes material selection, schedules deliveries, establishes workflows, and more.

Why Choose Us for Modern Pool and Spa Designs?

Cascade has years of experience, allowing us to implement modern pool and spa designs that create memorable summers for years to come. We believe our experience is a tremendous asset to you and your family. But our team is also creative, making us one of the best resources for a custom swimming pool and spa. We can work around any space limitations or topography concerns. We use the best quality materials, ensuring your safety as you use your pool. And our team prides itself on being excellent communicators, allowing us to create the perfect meeting spot between your vision and our custom designs. Contact us today for more information.